KRISHNA is not symbol of love but he is full absolute love

Krishna is silver; Krishna is gold; He is the cause and the effect of all work. He is an embodiment of delicacy, grandeur and magnitude in the form of soul that exists in all objects of the cosmos.

He was incarnated on this earth to make it beautiful, prosperous, resplendent and glorious. Krishna is love; Krishna is worship; Krishna is sadhana; Krishna is dedication; Krishna is not only a symbol of love but he is full absolute love; although God has no form, the world calls him Shyam Sawariya (meaning dusky skinned friend).

Did you ever think why Meera was lost in Shyam and began to think, “Shyam piya meri rang de chunariya” (O my hubby! Darn my chunariya in the colour of Shyam i.e. black)? She calls out Shyam, she sings Shyam’s praises, she chants Shyam, she eats Shyam and drinks Shyam, because she wishes to become one with Shyam. The world knew and identified Shyam by the black complexion; but Shyam is handsomeness, Shyam is vivacity, Shyam is fullness; Shyam is dedication; Shyam is pleasure; Shyam is ecstasy; so Shyam… Shyam… shyam…

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“Where there is love, there is Krishna. Where there is truth, there is Krishna. Virtue is not what you interpret, but it is what He explained.”

Fact & Truth

Krishna was born like you and me to ordinary parents. He came to the world just as you did, but Krishna is regarded as an extra-ordinary man and is equated with God”.

O dear! he is existant even today; Shyam is nothing but pleasure, ecstasy. Where can he go? Our Shyam is playing within ourselves even today and is enjoying Himself and giving us joy. The meaning of Krishna Janmashtami (birth anniversary of Lord Krishna) lies in the value of life and philosophy of Lord Krishna to be followed. Love. Irrigate the inner self with love. Spread love. Sow the seeds of love in every heart. Only then will you be able to celebrate Krishna Janmashtami.

Krishna was incarnated and it was the incarnation of God Himself. O dear souls! If I say I have seen Krishna, you will be astonished and you will think what rubbish I am talking, but what I am saying is the truth. Yes, even today Krishna is playing within every individual on this earth. He is being overjoyed and ecstatic. Where there is love, there is Krishna. Where there is truth, there is Krishna. Virtue is not what you interpret, but it is what He explained. Love; but loving does not imply tolerating tyranny and corruption. He did so; you too follow suit.

The Kauravas tyrannized the Pandavas. Krishna supported the virtue and eliminated the vice. On this occasion of Krishna Janmashtami, determine yourself not to become a tyrant, blasphemous and haughty; nor will you allow others to be so, but remember that the vices can be eliminated by virtues only and not by crookedness, force or dishonesty. I would not like to tell you where and how Krishna came. What did he do? What kind of life did he live? Because the whole world and Sadhus and sages say that and we are entangled in it away from the truth. We should try to understand and know the real Krishna. Even today he exists in you. You are not aware of it. Celebrate Krishna Janmotsav. Do celebrate it, but your objective, prayer and worship should be inclined towards making you Lord Krishna. You will say that I am mad. You become a Krishna. Krishna was God. He was an incarnation of God. How can I become a Krishna? I have already told you the meaning of Krishna and if you pray to Him, Krishna will Himself make you understand. If possible, this is my prayer to God and I bless you intelligentsia, Sadhaks and shishyas!

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