Our Devotional Services

"Offering devotional services of Spiritual Practices from your home, Yagya - Hawan, Guruji in your home, Spiritual-Motivational Sessions & Consultations."

devotional services

Spiritual Practices in Home

This is the unique devotional services offering recently begun after looking the need and demand of society to reach to every home in such a asituation where one needs a mental and spiritual strength and blessings by Pujya Shri Gurudev but unable to reach us or in camps can also get Diksha/Initiation and begun his Sadhna. There are 108 different ways a guru can give diksha, need is of a disciple who is willing get diksha. We will be either giving asking for a telephonic conversation or special time selected participants will be given time and date to join a online session which will be personally held for these participants registered for Diksha/ Shaktpat/Sadhna directly with Pujya Shri Gurudev. Required consecrated (Mantra Siddh Chaitany by Guruji) Materials (Like Mala, Photo, yantra, Gutika, Idols e.t.c., if any) which are needed in performing sadhna will be sent to your given address prior to Diksha and Online session with Pujya Shri Gurudev.


Yagya - Hawan

We offer you complete solution to your spiritual needs during auspicious occasions/festivals with devotional services like for Yagya, Pooja Kriya by our Pandit, Pujari who are guided and trained in blessings of Pujya Shri Gurudev. In today’s world it is bit difficult to find and know real authenticated spiritual practices. Hence, it is a need to be conducted any such Spiritual Practices/ Kriya under guidance of a Sadhguru/Self-Realized Master. There are various types of Yagya - Hawan and for different purpose hence we give free consultation for this. Kindly, contact us for further information regarding types of Yagya and Costing.


Welcome Guruji in Home

Getting blessings of a guru in our home or business place is one of a a rare opportunity and bliss for people staying and working there as the space itself turns positive and vibrant. From ancient time itself our culture has valued and seen as a bliss for the whole family/ people in whom home or business place guru keeps his lotus feet. Hence, with lots of request by many disciples, we have offered this service where one can register and fix a time when they can welcome Guruji to their home or in their own companies. Contact us for further information regarding registration.

Spiritual-Motivational Session :
Raise the youth within

Motivational session offered in School, Colleges and various educational and corporate to encourage the youth and people in 1.5 hrs session conducted by BrahmaPriya Namrata Kamalini Ji, who is an self-realized being and also wrote various books one of which is “Kar Lo Asamnaa Mutthi Main” liked by thousands of youth and teenagers for its motivating and uplifting messages and words enlightening life to attain its goal.

1.5 hour session is specially designed to uplift human mentally, emotionally stronger, boost the confidence, find solutions for the unsolvable hurdles of life with practical method to keep ourselves mentally balanced & spiritually more conscious and free book to all participants which keeps you guided to achieve your goal.