About Us

Dhyan Yog Jan Jagriti Seva Sansthan was established in the year 2005, the registration number being F31151. This institution has been working for social equanimity based on human life values of material, spiritual and ethical issues under the guidance of shri sadguru swami kamaleshwaranand ji

Blind adoption of modern metropolitan culture has resulted into a mutual conflict between the individual behavior and cultural bearing in day-to-day life. The modern man is trapped in a tangle of problems, the main reason for which is his attraction towards mere materialism or towards ‘the palpable’ and distraction from spirituality or ‘the subtle’. Which is why His Holiness  Swami Kamaleshwaranand Ji says,

“The conflict between joy and sorrow, profit and loss, life and death, glory and ignominy, spiritual and materialistic, theism and atheism has been existing from time immemorial and will last as long as we single out any one from any pair of the two and accept it as true. From my point of view, there is no life in only one of the combination of the two and life demands a harmonious balance between both conflicting forces and striking that sort of balance is possible only when you get a Sadguru in your life.

Then, of course, you will give up the fascination for ‘the palpable’ or the materialistic and turn towards ‘the subtle’ or the spiritual. ‘The palpable’ is a means to an end, which is power and ‘the subtle’ is the end; and without power you cannot achieve a means. If you think so, it is your illusion

“I, therefore call upon you all to bid a good-bye to all your sorrows by activating your ‘life-power’ and by thoroughly achieving all your goals in life and this can be possible when you make your mind and body fully conscious and obey your self-like Sadguru, thus, awakening your ‘life-spirit’, because our scriptures say that the Sadguru is the very ‘life-spirit’, who leads to spiritualism.”

His Holiness Shri Gurudev’s brilliant, divine speech resuscitates even corpses. Dhyan yog sadhana has completely succeeded in revealing the deep mysteries of Sadhana and in making its processes known to every individual. An individual has begun to overcome his problems today by means of sadhana and dhyan yog (meditation) and his faith has started strengthening again.

Every heart is beating with His Holiness Shri Gurudev. the Dhyan Yog Jan Jagruti Seva Sansthan was, therefore established by His Holiness Swami Kamleshwaranandji with the motto of spreading the vast knowledge acquired by his preceptor His Holiness Sadgurudev Shri Swami Nikhileshwaranandji, which is indeed a great service to his preceptor and also a deed of social welfare.

He had neither any intention nor any ambition to become a Guru. His intention was only to follow his Sadguru and remain his shishya (disciple) throughout life. After getting blessed by his Sadguru, His Holiness Gurudev Swami Kamleshwaranandji had no desires at all – neither to get anything, nor to lose anything.

If at all he wanted anything, it was a wholehearted devotion to his Sadguru. But it is said that a preceptor is incomplete without his disciple and vice-versa. After the demise of his preceptor viz. His Holiness Swami Nikhileshwaranandji; Swami Kamleshwaranandji became so aggrieved, all the time wailing and praying and his late preceptor could not bear his plight any longer and incarnated himself into the living body of His Holiness Swami 

Kamleshwaranandji. It is said that if a clarion call is made from the recesses of the heart, God cannot help but come; if devotion intensifies, He is bound to appear in this or that form – be it an ordinary individual or an incarnation but he needs and will need the guidance of his great Sadguru all the time.

No one became complete without a Guru – neither Ram, nor Krishna, nor Meera, nor Buddha, and nor will anyone. In every age, therefore, God has to incarnate Himself on the earth in this or that form by assuming the form of a human being in order to spread the spiritual animate knowledge of Parmatma (God) as the great Sadguru and guides the course of the world’s welfare.

Ram is an embodiment of that divinity; Krishna is an embodiment of that divinity; Nikhil is an embodiment of that divinity; Kamal is an embodiment of that divinity- that divinity which is power, impartial, animate and it is through His inspiration that His Holiness Swami Kamleshwaranandji adopted the path of his Sadguru and the establishment of Dhyan Yog Jan Jagruti Seva Sansthan came into existence.


Organized more than hundreds of residential camps with free of living, hospitality and food facility to lakhs of people till date, in each and every camps without discrimination regarding caste, creed, color or gender with equal treatment to all participants participating across all parts of country and world since 2005.


The foundation have been conducting regularly Spiritual residential camps in various regions and cities all over India in order to eliminate the various problems faced by humankind in day to day life.

His Holiness Shri Swami Kamleshwaranand ji has endeavoured to reveal in a simple manner the deep inscrutable knowledge of our ancient sages among the common people throughout the country by organizing dhyan yog satsang sadhana camps, so the glorious heritage of the Indian Culture can be thoroughly retained so ‘Deeksha’ along with education i.e., seeds of ‘sanskaar’ (gentility) can be sown in the life of the common mass, hence, rapidly declining knowledge and science of the sages can be practically presented to the common mass and the Indian and global society could be ethically, religiously, and spiritually satiated resulting in social equanimity, mutual fraternity, harmony and love and we all and the whole world could revel in pleasure.

We also organize various kinds of social and cultural programmes, thus building up a fully healthy society. Keeping health in view, we hold free medical camps from time to time.

We are also active towards our future plan of adopting children of orphan, neglected and down-trodden class and providing them free education, ‘sanskaar’ (gentility) and Vedic Science by means of Brahmanand Bal Vikas Kendra. Apart from this, inspired by and glorifying His Holiness Shri Gurudev, this sansthaan also creates ideal living disciples well-versed in transcendental meditation, yog sadhana and one such example is Namrata Kamalini Ji who says, “My life was blessed to find my Guru. I was able to establish him within myself.

My Guruji has settled in the pedestal of my heart today and he commands me for every action. If anyone could make me face to face with Brahma (inner self) and bring happiness and peace and make my life extremely pleasant, it was none else but my Guruji.”

Some disciples call him a magician, some call him a lover, some call him well-versed in the sixteen arts, and some call him Lord Shiv. While some say he is beyond Lord Shiv and Shiva. His prominent feature has been to bless a human being with material or spiritual accomplishments. and offer him deliverance, to make his shishyas (disciples) divine in his love as did Lord Krishna; to make him follow the right path by settling himself in his shishya’s heart and to purge off even the sinners by impressing them with his personality and loving them and blessing them with happiness and prosperity.


Our vision is to uplift human consciousness and restore spiritual values with love in human kind and social wellbeing in society and support to restore the Nature.


  • The main purpose of the Dhyan Yog Jan Jagruti Seva Sansthan is to restore happiness, peace and prosperity to a dividing family.
  • To suggest a solution as to which metal to be worn to get rid of the nine stars relating to human life, the sun, the moon, the mars, the jupiter, the venus, the saturn, the rahu and the ketu.
  • To sort out and bring within the common man’s reach such solutions to all problems relating to the high class knowledge of yantra, mantra and tantra which has been the Indian cultural heritage.
  • To present the experimental knowledge before society about all aspects of yog such as kriya yog, raj yog, dhyan yog, bhakti yog after studying them properly.
  • To organize camps at various places throughout India for the spread of spiritual knowledge and to solve problems related to that.
  • To spread amongst members of the public by means of the monthly magazine “Pragya Kiran” the deep and mysterious knowledge and dhyan yog, which have been the Indian cultural heritage.
  • To present through dhyan yog a new concept of spiritualism amidst massive materialism.
  • To adopt orphaned children from orphanage, to properly bring them up, to arrange for their high class education and to propagate through them the subtle knowledge of Indian culture throughout the world.
  • Foeticide is a mortal sin and is the elimination of future talents- their brutal murder. The purpose of this sansthan is to prevent this crime thoroughly by educating the mass thorough social and ethical discourses.
  • To develop an intoxication-free society by means of dhyan yog and prem sadhana.
  • To propagate the vital ideology of “live and let others live” all over the globe.
  • To develop the world of non-proliferation by bringing to reality the concept of “satyam – shivam – sundaram”- i.e. the truth, the good and the beautiful.
  • To develop a society full of detached love and cure all diseases, griefs by means of a special process of nritya sadhana (group dance course).
  • To bring awareness among the mass about decadant birds and animals and other creatures and wild species and to work towards their survival.
  • To elevate the social and moral status of people by holding sadhana camps on anniversaries of distinctive great men.
  • Our main motto is to unravel the subtle mysteries of the soul, the Nature, the cosmos and Parmatma and dive in the great ocean of divine pleasure.
  • To retain communal harmony among people by organizing cultural programmes.
  • To run training classes on cottage industry and small scale home industry.
  • Our objective is to conduct social activities like blood donation camps and eye surgery camps and to manufacture Ayurvedic medicine for first aid treatment.
  • To provide special education, vocation and financial aid to mentally retarded children and to conduct marriages on behalf of the sansthan.
  • To protect environment against pollution by planting maximum number of trees and to keep water, forest, the earth and the sky as pure as possible.
  • To work towards protection of all rivers including the Ganga against pollution.
  • To develop an India as dreamt by the martyrs.

Any one interested to support can contact us and join hands.


A Self-Realized master, who has explored the inner most dimension of self where there is no more difference between we and the creator. Gurudev unfolds the rarest of rare ancient Diksha, Mantr-Tantra Sadhna and Yogic process which were given thousands of year before or were never given the history of mankind makes him unique from any other in this present time.


Founded Dhyan Yog Jan Jagriti Seva Sansthan in 2005 for enhancing human consciousness of mankind and to re-establish the age of spirituality and has reached thousands of people globally by unique and powerful “ Diksha-Sadhna Residential Programs” free of cost which made again to establish Dhyan Yog USA to handle the activities in and near USA.

Gurudev's Earlier Life and His Work

BIRTH AN INCARNATION: – Dance of nature

The 15th day of the month of August 1974 dawned in new redness and with joy for everyone. It seemed nature herself, overwhelmed with joy, spreading streaks of divine light all over. In short, an atmosphere of welcome to a great godly event had mystically emerged. Amidst all this a child is born, at 5.15 am in the morning. Father Shri Hariharnath Narpati Shukla & mother Smt. Jayraji Devi were struck by a happy, surprise and named the baby “Kamlesh”. His Father would lovingly call him “Chatar”.

HIS PRESENCE A PEACE – Birth, blessing to father

Right during the period of his birth, the nature was welcoming in the way of winds and heavy rain which continued for around six days. Even today during the Sadhana Shivir camps which are organised all over the world we can see such warm welcome from nature in the way of winds and rain. His father was facing a court case from last 20years, which he won during the time of his birth.Thats why Guruji usually say” Samsayein Aapki Samadhan Hamare….(Your Problems….Our Solutions…)

CHILDHOOD WITH DIVINITY – Hours long meditation and chant & Love for nature, animals, birds. 

Kamlesh goes growing up. His activities show sign of divinity and extraordinary powers. The child’s education begins. At the early age he used to sit along with his father for daily rituals for continuously 2 to 3 hours with “Om” chant.

During the age of 5 to 6 years, he suddenly fell ill and his parents took him to the nearby hospital. Looking at his health condition, the doctor replied that the child will not survive. At that stage, his father left his son’s life in the hands of doctor. Praying to the God, the doctor continued his treatments. He was discharged from the hospital after two months from recovery. Once afternoon when he was sleeping on bed, there was a medicine bottle kept nearby his thighs.

He felt as if the bottle would transform into a snake which surrounded him. He used to touch the snake and get awakened suddenly. Such incident happened for around 2to3 times. After few days, in the morning time he saw a giant image of Lord Hanuman in his dream which cannot be defined. From then, he became a upasak (devotee) of Lord Hanuman. He chanted “Hanuman Chalisa” at that early age & even he became well-known to the holy book Sunderkand (Sunderkand is the fifth chapter of the Hindu holy book called Ramayan’). His intellectual and spiritual sharpness astonish the people around. For all the virtues, he gets known to the villagers as Swami ji’ and was loved by all.

LOVE & CARE FOR ANIMALS/BIRDS: – Incident with dog and crow

He loved animals and birds. In childhood he had a female dog which exhibits the nature of humans more, even it used to eat only when Guru ji fed food by his hands, never enters inside the kitchen but stays at door steps. One day, swami ji and dog were playing and few people beat dog and swami ji fought with them tried to explain them there act is wrong but still the beat the dog, swami ji went to those people home to complain there elder. He just was not able to see any animals being hurt. The dog dog died later and swami ji did its funeral as done to humans in hindu tradition.

One of the incidents which happened was of a crow. A crow was sitting on the electric poll and got stuck to the electric shock. The people nearby the poll saw this and started laughing and screaming that “This crow will not survive”. Looking at the situation, Guru ji was deeply hurt. He started praying to God that “Oh Lord! Kindly give a part of my life to this crow who is struggling for its life”. Suddenly, the lights went off and the crow which got stuck by electric shock flew away. He saw this incident and with tears in his eyes he thanked the Lord for hearing his prayer.

YOUTH-MARRIAGE-SEARCHING – Mountains of Question & longing of Truth

At the age of 17, Gurudev married Ragini (Mataji). Even after his marriage, he continued his studies. But this ordinary way of life did not satisfy him. “My life is not only for my family, for earning my livelihood, for employment, it’s for high attainments and for the world”, he thought. From his very childhood he was interested in spirituality & Indian mysticism. He would ask his friend questions such as can we see the whole universe with our eyes? Can we see the Parmatma/Creator? Does Mantra-Tantra has powers? Can we use this Mantra, Tantra for the welfare of this society? And many more questions which left him restless.


The answer to all his questions was satisfied when he met Pujya Gurudev Dr.Narayan Dutt Shrimaliji in the year 1996. He took Guru Diksha from Pujya Gurudev on 8th of August, 1996. His devotion, endless love, surrender and dedication towards his Sadguru Dr. Narayan Dutt Shrimali ji (spiritual name Swami Nikhileshwaranand Ji) made him self-realized and one with his Guru completely, resulting in complete attainment of Brahmasakshtkar – highest state of self-realization.

HIS WORK – Spiritual wisdom – Health – Welfare of society.

 When he saw that the society needs the glorious ancient heritage he left no stone unturned to revive and rehabilitate ancient spiritual heritage, including Dhyan, Yoga, Sadhanas, Samadhi, Spiritualism, Ayurveda, Culture and Tradition of great mystics, yogi’s, masters in its original and realistic form. And also is consistently introducing human kinds to extremely powerful and rare, exclusive sadhna practices which were either never given in history of spirituality or given thousands of years ago to disciples by profound master.

For this purpose he established the trust “Dhyan Yog Jan Jagrtuti Seva Sansthan” in the year 2005, later on 2015 established Divya Rishi Pharmacy for working in field of Ayurveda – Herbal products with ancient and unique formulation & Human welfare education foundation, NGO for supporting poor populations for education, health and for environmental care.