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Begin your inward journey to attain higher state of being self with guided spiritual practices derived from ancient vedic wisdom delivered by our revered Gurudev Sri Swami Kamleshwaranand ji

Mahashivratri 2024 kaashi

Mahashivratri Mahotsav Satsang Sadhna Shivir 2024

Mahashivratri Mahotsav Satsang Sadhna Shivir, 6-7-8 March 2024 ❝ त्रयम्बकेश्वर ज्योतिर्लिंग सिद्धि दीक्षा ❞ ➥ काल सर्प दोष, पितृ दोष मुक्ति, आकस्मिक, अल्पकालिक, मृत्युतुल्य पीड़ा

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guru janmotav 2023

Amrit Mahotsav GURU JANMOTSAV 2023 | Swami Kameshwaranand Ji

अमृत महोत्सव गुरु जन्मोत्सव सत्संग साधना शिविर २०२३ में पूज्य श्री गुरुदेव प्रदान कर रहे हैं दो अद्वितीय साधना सिद्धि दीक्षा: सर्वज्ञा साधना सिद्धि दीक्षा:

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About  Our Programs:  Satsang Sadhna Shivir/Camp

Dhyan Yog Jan Jagriti Seva Sansthan Organizes various spiritual camps all over India offering secred and powerful Diksha, Sadhna with practical meditation session in presence of Brahmaswaroop Pujya Shree Gurudev Swami Kamaleshwaranand Ji

According to the science of Spirituality, the entire universe is made up of 3 basic subtle components – SattvaRaja and TamaSattva is the component that represents spiritual purity and knowledge; Raja represents action and passion, while Tama represents ignorance and inertia.
The subtle vibrations emanating from anything and everything are dependent on the predominant subtle basic component they are comprised of…
In today’s world there is a higher focus on materialism and less focus on Spirituality. When there is less focus of society on Spirituality, spiritual impurity begins to build up in the environment. This is known as spiritual pollution and it means that there is an increase in the Raja and Tama subtle components in society and the environment. This spiritual pollution depletes our spiritual energy and by the end of the week our ‘spiritual batteries’ feel like they are discharged. Due to this we feel drained and it becomes difficult to even think about spiritual practice. This may lead to a loss of enthusiasm to persevere with our spiritual practice.

When we attend Satsang, we are exposed to higher levels of spiritual positivity. The environment is charged with Divine Consciousness and the predominant subtle component is Sattva. This spiritual positivity can rise even further when the spiritual level of the seekers attending the Satsang is higher and if the seekers have spiritual emotion along with an attitude of learning. At times, positive energies and Deities may also grace seekers with Their presence in the subtle in the Satsang.

After a challenging week, a seeker may be physically, mentally and spiritually depleted. However due to the Divine Consciousness and sattvikta (spiritual purity) present in a Satsang, the seeker attending it is charged with spiritual positivity and gets enthusiasm to continue and persevere with his or her spiritual practice.

We do not charge participation in our  Satsang Sadhana Camp. But to participate in Diksha & Sadhna on need to register his/her name by contacting throught or call to foundation:

Aawahan: Camp is begun once Guruji arrives in camp with a special sacred Shloka Aawahan Stotra , sung with complete devotion. This is a auspicious stotra sung to welcome the divine within us.

Second, few bhajan sung by Dhyan Yog Music Team.

Pravachan: Talk by Pujya Gurudev.

Samasya Samadhan: Opportunity to meet Pujya Gurudev personally and talk to him regarding any problems and get solutions to them directly by Gurudev .{One can register his/her name even before attending camp by contacting the foundation}

Diksha: Initiation time where all disciples willing to get any kind of Diksha is initiated.

Sadhna Session: Oppurtunity to practice Sadhna in the divine presence of Gurudev, where one can practically feel and experience the power of Sadhna and presence of Pujya Shree Gurudev.


Mahaprasad: Vegetarian and satvik food is offered to all the participants of camp, no cost is taken by any participants for food and accommodation.    

Many More:

Social Activities
Along with this our organizers conduct free Medical Heath checkup Camp, Donation of cloths, Books, Foods and  other necessary objects for poor and deprived children under our NGO, Human Welfare Education Foundation.

Few Key Benefits:

  • Get Solutions to your Problems/ Samasya Aapki Samadhaan Hamare – the main motto of camp is to bring solutions to each and every problems you face, it can be spiritually, mentally, health, finance e.t.c., directly by meeting to Pujya Shri Gurudev.
  • Get the sacred and powerful Diksha and Sadhna of Mantra-Tantra which not only solve materialistic needs but also unfolds mystical hidden potential/powers within you.
  • Kundalini Jagran, Mantra- Tantra Diksha and Sadhna.
  • Live unique and powerful meditation session in presence of Gurudev.
  • Get free from Depression, Anxiety, Insomnia and bring a complete balance in mental state of a person.
  • Buy authentic Consecrated Mantra Siddh Chanitanya Mala/Rosary, Yantra, Parad/Mercury and Ayurvedic and Herbal products alsong with free consultation.