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"Yog is the happy time of the meeting between the soul and God - a creature and the soul." -
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dhyan yoga

“Ascetics are unique, and to become ascetic is very difficult because you have to separate yourself from this world, from this universe, from the emotions & thoughts of life, from the wealth of the life”

Oh My God please tell me 10 formulas how our soul can meet your divinity? 
Oh my dear son “Kamal” there are countless ways, it depends on you how you want to reach us. There are numerous ways with the help of that one can reach to divinity, few are as follows:
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Prem means Love and love is very imperative. Love is facile and simple. We can convene with each other with Love and affection, where no place for thoughts, no place for the envy and jealousy with lots of love in heart. It’s not necessary you must love your God; you can complete the journey with love for any creature form this universe, but your heart should be pure divine.

If you are guileless than your love will guide your soul towards us, to attain this you grope your inner self and create yourself within yourself. Now you are thinking love is not things to do its natural than how you can meet me with the help of love.

This is truth, it is possible for you to control all the things from your heart like you can glimpse your inner self, you can be guileless, and you can avoid conspiracy and when you do all these things than love will be awake in your heart and you will be established in this world in the form of divine soul. God is in yourself he is just waiting for your divinity, he wants to bless you with happiness but it’s on you how you want to reach there.

The importance of devotion is great like sacred flow of mountain river which born in your heart when you start worship of someone. Slowly-slowly your thought vanishes from your heart and your journey starts towards greatness Baptist of conscience and propensity. Then at one stage you will hold up; lots of negativity and thoughts will try to disturb you but it can’t affect you because of your devotion for God.

Being a devout is life’s most beautiful and biggest achievement. It is very simple to reach at this stage simply you have to ignite love in your heart for God and realize affection for your God. Devotee always believes in heart, he just ignores the minds and its thoughts and gradually he retain the place of his inner self where divine God stays.

This is most beautiful and blessed moment for any devotee in his life. Lord Hanuman is the name title for the same. Love equalizes everything and balances ourselves; consider you as a slave of that divine God and dedicate yourself to God with this you can easily reach to master of this whole universe.

Hath Yog is also the way for summation of God. In this type of disciple always takes the pledge “I have to find the God and taking off in persistence. With the help of this disciple tortures himself and in set his mind with only one thing and one thought that is I have to achieve my goal, I have to get God’s blessing in my life; this is why this form Yoga is not great but this can be medium for summation of God.

In this yoga disciple wears any particular types of cloths and devote his life towards the God and takes the pledge that he will destroy his entire life if he doesn’t get the God and blessings of the God. Disciple can perform any act in this Persistence Yoga. If you have knowledge than only you can perform this Yoga otherwise there are maximum chances you will swerve from your path. For lovers this might be better way for summation of God.


Gyan means knowledge, intellect. Your knowledge put you in the picture that “you know each and everything; you can achieve anything in your life. This is why this type of yoga is not simple because your knowledge comes in between union of God and you and here you stop. But the person who has true knowledge he starts understanding the mystery of life with the help of Intubation.

If someone has this level of knowledge then this type of knowledge plays vital role in Grace of God. Basically the person who has knowledge, he also has attitude of his knowledge and this attitude makes little harder to meet the God. The one who has true knowledge and he is praying for divine then it means he has lots of love in his heart for God.

If you had knowledge of weapon than try to step up in love.. if you have knowledge of world then try to find God in every element of earth.. if you had knowledge of inner self try to find yourself in you and you will get the GOD inside of yourself. Always remember your intelligence is not your knowledge if you are thinking the same than you are in wrong direction. Knowledge with truth and your daily observation will help you to reach the divine energy & God.

Sadhana means Initiation, practice. When disciple move to establish itself with the help of Initiation, practice and Yoga than he is not aware of any situation, he doesn’t know anything and even he doesn’t try to know things what happening, because he already starts the journey of heart within inside. Disciple only tries to establish him & attempts to enter within.

When disciple practice the same with true & soulful prayer from bottom of heart thing again and again on daily basis then disciple make an effort to recognize him.

Practice needs resources and resources are very helpful for practice. When disciple tries to rein the body mind and soul with the help of initiation then his hearts leads him towards profound conditions and journey of soul begins. When disciple travels the journey of soul then it is very much possible to meet the God. Sadhana means Practice if you are practicing to get the anything you will get the same.

Karma means our action what we are doing. You can simply achieve the God‘s blessings by doing your work. If you are doing your work with quiescence, with respect & without any self-conceit then it is possible to get the blessing of divine God.

Disciple can established effigy guise of GOD in him when he hold the power of God with this Initiation but this can only be achieved when we complete this process with true soul, full of trust in Guru as well as GOD, full of dedication & passion.

Your work must not be for your self-interest. When your work is pure and divine and it has love and care for others then you will surly get the blessings of God because of your wok. You always work something, you are meant to be performing something but your work does not take you towards love, it does not fulfill your emotions & feelings and you are not getting desired things.

Have you ever think about the same what does it mean? It means your all desire is going to stick with this world only. You are working to sustain in this world. Karma Yoga teaches you how you can work for God. What God needs from you? For this you have to see God in your Work only.

You have to realize what we are doing is just because the God is with us. One day your work connects you with your inner self and you will get your desired wish with the blessing of God.

Intention to achieve the blessing of God and willingness are the most important to summation in God. Keep only one desire that I have to find the creator of this universe anyhow, anyway; who created this world and after creation he separated himself from us. This is very straightforward, simple and beautiful process to achieve the God,

If disciple’s willingness is high then he will leave this world & all thoughts to find the creator of this universe. Every particle of this universe gives the knowledge of Yoga if you are simple calm and thoughtfulness then you will find that God everywhere and this high desire takes you in yourself only because God lies in our self and in every particle of this universe.

Dhyan/Meditation is most beautiful process for meeting the superior divine God. Meditator easily understood the truth of demise & life it means truth of God and he reaches to in his inner self. When meditator reaches in his inner self than he realize the presence of divine energy in his inner soul, which is nothing but presence of God. Actually mediator stays in this world and live life like others but he always has thoughts for God. In every sense of the moment while thinking mediator establish in him only.

With the help of meditation & divine nature of God his soul and mind is always still and ascertain him in this universe for long years to come. In this every human being has capability for doing this but few of us do the same and attain the superior divine energy.

Away from disorders by understanding the true meaning of lore, achieving entirety by holding divinity is only possible from Vidya Diksha (Lore Initiation). We all need this initiation in our life we can achieve greatness in the world with the help of this initiation All of you must get this esoteric secret rare initiation.


Aatma means soul and thinking about soul, it takes you in yourself. What is soul, how soul born and demise, what are the secret of soul, if a person tries to find the answer of these questions then he might find the existence of Divine God.

We all know about lord “Buddha”; his self-communion separates him from this world and from us too. There is multiple process of Yog and this is one of the most important processes of Yog. It works slowly and gradually for this practice being alone is essential and when you are alone then you will try to find out someone who is very close to you and you will find yourself.  Finding our self is nothing but finding God.

The meaning of tapa is the one who is distinct from the conditions like whether it odd or even, the one who is apart from this world but his existence in this world, the one who achieved himself by touching own ground of himself. This is the eighth step of Yoga for summation of God.

Tapa is unique, and to become tapasvi is very difficult because you have to separate yourself from this world, from this universe, from the emotions & thoughts of life, from the wealth of the life. Tapasi always tries to find the origin of the things. In every moment they think about God. Tapasvi always have think of God and they always try to reach their goal.



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