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Human Welfare
Education Foundation

"Be the light in someone's darkness... do more of what make your soul shine"

Human Welfare Education Foundation

About Human Welfare Revered Gurudev Swami Kamleshwaranand Ji., whose sole ambition in life is betterment of humans and overall growth of the demoralized, founded the Human Welfare Education Foundation wherein all hard work will be made to hand round humanity to the fullest extent. In this twenty-first century education and training are extremely indispensable for the development of the creature. If you could lend a hand in educating and training a child, you will be doing an act of divinity. Improving the perception level and hence the existence of an individual and providing superior existence to the entity is not just idiosyncratic; it is the first step towards a better society, a better world… This organization is founded with the sole aim of providing such services and the revered Gurudev has devoted his life to the attainment of this goal…For the past several years the society has been blessed by the philosophical discourses of Sri. Gurudev. Sri Gurudev’s dream and the aim is establishing an “Educated society… healthy society” Appeal… “Come; strengthen our hands by joining your hands to meet this grand goal. I request all of you to treat achievement of this goal as ‘not mine, but ours’… Swami Kamleshwaranand Ji

Swachta Abhiyan

Swachta Abhiyan initiative in societies by volunteers, done on Oct 2, 2019


Under our initiative programs for Education Namrata Kamalan Ji spread spiritual ethics and values in life of students and the young generation with her free motivational sessions specially for students. in Prayagraj, 2019.


Initiative programs Vriksharopan to plant trees with hundreds of volunteers in Prayagraj, (U.P) in recent times.

Annadan Mahadan​

On the auspicious occasion of Deepawali…  celebrated Diwali among tribal children in the tribal area of Badlapur with trible family and distributed food offerings to them ..