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Message in National Interest, Freedom or not?


Message in National Interest, Freedom or not?

Although we got freedom from Englishmen, our legs are still tied in fetters. Not only India, but the entire world is in the same fetters. You celebrate Independence Day. We are all celebrating, but how are we independent? The entire world is violating human rights; boycotting love. We are living in modernity forgetting God outright. Look, we are fighting against corruption, but with whom and where? Ponder deeply. If you contemplate on it, you will find that wherever one gets an opportunity; he commits corruption. Corruption does not start with a political leader or an actor.

We are all part and parcel of it. Wherever one is, on whatever level, one is engaged in stealing money. One is stealing more and another is stealing less but all are stealing. work is not being done with full concentration. Someone is shirking work, someone is shirking hard work, someone is stealing money, someone is telling a lie and someone is doing hypocrisy; the only is the difference is that someone is practicing dishonesty openly whereas the other is also doing the same thing in hiding. These days, it is not easy to find out honest people.


“Think over how this world will run? How will people spend their life happily? How will they get life of divinity? How will we go to God? How will we know God?”

There was a time when the brave soldiers of our country laid down their lives for the sake of the country. Please ponder; did they sacrifice their lives to see all this? No, they did not lay down their lives and protected the country for our selfish interests that we all rob our country, ruin our home and share the booty.

Look at anybody and you will find that he is posing as an honest person but there is no honesty at all in his inner heart and the same situation is faced by not only India but the whole world. Think over how this world will run? How will people spend their life happily? How will they get life of divinity? How will we go to God? How will we know God? How will we be able to reach that absolute entity? How will we live Him? Will it be possible with this corruption, malice, vice.

Unless everybody does not improve himself, tyranny, malice, lie, conspiracy and hypocrisy will not be eliminated and so long as they are not eliminated, we shall continue to rob this world and ourselves and the unhappy discontented and the poor will continue to be the victims of starvation. Not only the poor are hungry but every creature of this earth is hungry and that is due to callousness of our heart. The paradox is that whom god has endowed with everything, even he is hankering after money and is greedy.

Look at the saints and sages, who are modern, they also do the same thing which a political leader does. They are not saints and sages, but so-called saints and sages who possess unlimited money still crave for more and more. In fact, the word corrupt does not only apply to a community in particular, family in particular but corruption is there in everybody’s heart.

But amidst these people, there are a few who are doing their work honestly, but think what we are doing with them? All corrupt people pressurize an honest man. They tell him to keep mum and also tell him to steal together with them so that they all will share the booty and will enjoy themselves. This is today’s politics.

Politics does not confine itself in a family only, but it is rampant everywhere. What do you and I do? We all do politics; it does not require a legislative assembly or parliament. Yes, it has to be admitted that the higher the position of a person, the more he is looting the country. 15th August and 26th January come and patriotic songs are played in streets such as “Kar Chale Hum Fida Jano-tan Sathiyo, Ab Tumhare Hawale Watan Sathiyo”.

Some lyricists felt the pangs of those mothers who bore valiant Bravehearts to sacrifice on the altar of our nation and the poignant pangs emerged in the form of a lyric on a sheet of paper. But, ponder a while; a son of the soil who lays down his life for his mother to save her grace, and today, these sons of the soil are making a deal of their mother and sharing the proceeds. Our nature, our god will never ever forgive us. Once upon a time, India was called a bird of gold which has now been reduced to a bird only, not a bird of gold, because gold was already distributed amongst us.

Fact but True about Freedom

Earlier people wished for the prosperity of the world and our saints and our ancestors even tried to make the world happy. Although, the credit of good ultimately goes to God, but we can attempt our best to do good only.

Today we want to fill only our own belly by stealing away the wealth shrouded in the deep recesses of the earth. In ancient times sages spoke about the welfare of the entire world and they not only spoke but also implemented it into action; but today people do not implement, but speak only. They want to show their good image. Earlier people wished for the prosperity of the world and our saints and our ancestors even tried to make the world happy. Although, the credit of good ultimately goes to God, but we can attempt our best to do good only. God favours or disfavours with us in accordance with our motives.

Our thinking has deteriorated so much today that we first partitioned the world for the sake of a country, then for the sake of a state and today we have started partitioning ourselves for the sake of an individual. We have become selfish. We commit crimes but do not confess to it. These days, most politicians are expelled from a party for scandals. “Oh guys! God has bestowed upon you everything and made you affluent with all amenities of life – wealth, honour, glory and dignity. Why the hell do you commit a scandal?

I implore from the global platform today not only Indians, but all citizens of the world that they peep into their hearts to find out if there is any enemy hiding therein who compels them to commit a vice. If so, eliminate him. Drive him out of yourself and celebrate the Independence Day in reality and liberate your mother and the whole world from corruption, hypocrisy and conventionalism. Protect the mother world.

The whole world belongs to us. Why to fight? Nature has hidden unlimited wealth in its womb for our livelihood. Keep your thoughts clean and pristine pure and celebrate the Independence Day after truly freeing yourselves from vices; and dance, sing and enjoy yourselves. Therein lies the fullness and independence of your life. The true meaning of independence is that an individual becomes free from narrow-mindedness and establishes himself in self – the inner self. A truly independent person is the one, who is filled with such consciousness; independence in his capital and only he can keep the nation independent forever.

I wish the entire world were replete with such sublime thoughts and spiritual feelings and every individual could understand the values of life and could free the world from vices and malice and thus everyone could become prosperous, glorious, brilliant, divine and sacred and could establish himself in the inner self. On this auspicious occasion of today, I pray to god for your happiness and for your metamorphosis by dissolving myself into you all shishyas and then comprising you in self – the inner self; with these wishes, Jai Hind, Jai Bharat, Jai Shri Narayan, Har Har Mahadev!

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