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SADGURU exist in every particle of the world


SADGURU exist in every particle of the world

One who has woken up celebrates the birthday in order to wake you up. Guru, of course, doesn’t take birth and the power of Sadguru exists in every particle of the world and is very extensive but we are confined in narrow-mindedness and conventionalism. We should, in fact, confine ourselves with truth, virtue, devotion to Guru, animate and inanimate, breath and life. Our confinement should be with life, love, generosity, and kindness.

Hey! This very confinement is perennial, but in today’s advanced modern world, our confinement is with falsehood, with materialism, with sleep. All these confinements are false and they will break away and be reduced to pieces and you will also break and be reduced to pieces.

We want to be rich and prosperous but our thoughts are like those of beggars. Hey! Have you ever seen a beggar become rich? He can become rich by begging and enjoying himself, but he cannot be rich and sophisticated in his thoughts because he is a beggar. A beggar is not the one who begs with a bowl in the streets, but they are beggars who pose as prosperous people and likewise, their mind is just like that of beggars, always craving for more and more wealth, glory, and dignity.



For the greed of money, dignity, and respect; we have become not only thieves but dacoits. The whole world today is engaged in loot and sabotage. These days we commonly hear about a bomb blast, setting fire to train, and planning to blow up the assembly. Ponder over how man has changed. What was he in the past and what has he become now? Did God create you for this? Earlier people killed animals under some compulsion and made them their food because they were forced to do so.

Science had not advanced to this stage. There were very few unknown resources. So they killed animals in utmost compulsion but, today people are killing animals with avarice and greed. Even man has become like goats and sheep. Man is killing a man. You are a slave to conventionalism and confined in narrow-mindedness and still say that today is Independence Day? We are celebrating Independence Day, this is Independence Day.

Man has lost humanity. Today’s man is only satisfying his ego by distancing himself from the Supreme Sovereignty i.e. God the Almighty and considering himself as the ‘doer’. You go to any government or private firm’s office and the employees will not answer you properly. Do you know why? The gentleman has the vanity of his power, pelf, and position. Now, you yourself say whether this vanity is justifiable.

For what do they show vanity? Agreed that you have acquired a post and position, but there are many like you. Suppose, if you are a doctor; you do not know an engineer’s job or if you are a leader; you do not know an actor’s job. Everywhere God manifests Himself in various forms. You alone are not the master of all trades of the world. You are something, but lack something else; still, your ego knows no bounds. This disease of power, pelf, and position is not a fresh one but is a chronic disease that has badly infected humanity and is pushing life on with clumsy concepts.

Now, come and let us find out the solution, the way out of it. The cure of all this disease is one and only His Holiness Sadguru. Nothing else than him. It is only the Sadguru, who can purge your thoughts, your feelings through his blissful modification by leading you on the right path of life.

Only the Guru has the skill of turning water into milk. Only the Sadguru is the person, who can bless you and arouse in your heart a desire to know God, to move towards Him, and make prayers. It is only the Sadguru who sows the seeds of love in your heart and this medicine of love is the holocaust that guts down age-old chronic diseases of vanity, avarice, greed, megalomania, and power-hunger, thus making your life august and pristine pure.

Today is the birth anniversary of our Lord and we celebrate it with great devotion and faith with dance, hymns, and revelry. I said a short while ago that God does not take birth. If so, how come his birth anniversary? He is beyond the cycle of birth and death and is invisible and subtle; however, he is born in the form of the Guru and is visible and concrete. He frequently visits the earth sometimes as Ram, sometimes as Jesus, sometimes as Mahavir, and even at present, there are several incarnations, who are engaged in the mission of God on the earth.

But the form which I know, belief, live upon by heart and wish to get engrossed in every moment as Meera and Radha did, is that of Sadguru Kamal, in whose holy feet I wish to dedicate myself and make my life blessed. The entire world regards Ram and Krishna as God and that is the truth which I do not disregard. But; to me, if there is any God on the earth, it is my Guru only.

Now, you may ask as to how to regard the Guru as God and how to accept the ideology of this girl (i.e. the speaker). If you, too, see the truth and love in the Guruji, you will acknowledge him as God, just as Gopi-gwal (girldfriends and milkmen), Radha, and Meera saw Krishna and at the very first sight fell in love (divine love) with him.

“Each week we sit under the word of Guru together, opening our selves not primarily to information, but to transformation.”

Fact but True about Sadguru


He is beyond the cycle of birth and death and is invisible and subtle; however, he is born in the form of the Guru and is visible and concrete. He frequently visits the earth sometimes…

Beyond the universe; full of miraculous deeds; Yashoda sometimes thought Krishna was not an ordinary human being; sometimes by hallucination conjured up by God, she regarded Krishna as mere her darling son. I, too, am in a fix often when I think I have known the Guru, but sometimes I feel have known nothing about the Guru. He seems to be an ordinary human being sometimes, whereas sometimes he seems to be extra-ordinary.

Many incidents have taken place in my life after my meeting with the Guruji, which advise my mind, “Oh you crazy woman! What thinks now? I am with you. Do not fall in fix. Live me and unravel the mysteries of creation (the universe) pretty well.” I get this advice from my soul at a particular time.

At times, my heart agrees fully with the truth and says, “How silly these people are, who look for God in temples, whereas He is here in front of them!” When Krishna was alive, people wandered here and there in quest of God, considering Krishna as a friend or a relative. I would advise that God baffles the human mind by laying a trap of hallucination and we creatures get caught in it.

Today, you too acknowledge Kamal as God and establish yourself in self, then you will rule over the heart of God. Then you will no longer remain poor and helpless but become divine and provide divinity to others.

Particularly, I implore you young men and young women to wake up and wake society in turn. Eliminate conventionalism, corruption, and vices from the society and make India an educated, civilized, cultured, well-equipped, rich, prosperous, and advanced country.

I pray to God and implore you all to dedicate yourselves to the Guru and establish yourselves in self…

– Namrata Kamalini (the speaker).

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